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StrongerRx LT15 Forever Gloves


$90.00 $69.99

Product Description

StrongerRx he leader in CrossFit technology presents is most scientifically advanced gloves and most bold step in hand protection.

The StrongerRx LT15 Forever Gloves are guaranteed for LIFE, buy them once and StrongerRX will replace them FOR FREE FOREVER.  This means if you go through 100 pair of Forever Gloves, you’ll never have to pay for gloves again.  This bold move is just what StrongerRx is known for and the explosion on popularity of these gloves since they came on the market 3 months ago has been huge.

StrongerRx Forever Gloves Feature:

  • Enhanced Grip that lasts thousands of workouts
  • Constructed with PermaX extra light material
  • Ventilated for sweat free hands
  • Silicone grip on palms to enhance grip on any bar
  • Prevents blisters and tears
  • Touch Screen compatible with any I Phone
  • Ergonomic Design

StrongerRx cares about your workouts and they know that the key to an effective workout is healthy hands. With the StrongerRx Forever gloves they’ve got you covered FOR LIFE!!  Join the thousands who’ve already benefited from this amazing offer of GLOVES for live from StrongerRx, you’ll not only be getting the best gloves on the market, but you’ll have them for as long as you workout.

Should StrongerRx Forever Gloves wear out or rip, contact us to get another pair sent out free of charge.

Simply send the old pair back and a new pair will be sent out ASAP.


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