StrongerRx Pro-Grips



Product Description

  • Secures grip to any bar or weight
  • Protects hands from blisters and rips
  • Open backed for ventilation, no more sweaty hands
  • No more missed workouts due to torn up hands
  • Secure wrist support ensuring grip stays in place
  • Use with added chalk for more grip

StrongerRx the leader in functional fitness accessories presents one of its most useful accessories for any athletes tearing up their hands during intense WODs and training sessions.   StrongerRx Pro-Grips provide athletes with indestructible leather palm material which protects palms while enhancing grip.  Each pair of StrongerRx Pro-Grips is coated with a special adhesive material on the palm adding a tacky surface and securing holds.  StrongerRx Pro-Grips are perfect for bar work like Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups and are awesome on rings.  They also are great for Kettlebells and any other weights which tend to tear up athletes hands.  StrongerRx Pro-Grips come with the added security and protection of a low profile wrist support wrap which holds each grip in place and secures wrists.

If your an intense athlete who doesn’t like bulky traditional gloves, StrongerRx Pro-Grips is a perfect accessory for you.  Train with StrongerRx and kill your workout, not your hands!


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