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Product Description

Features of Tiger Paws:

  • Prevents wrist injury, sprains and strains
  • Reverses chronic wrist pain due to overuse
  • Customizable inserts provide multiple levels of wrist support
  • Comes with high impact foam on top of wrists
  • High quality and built to last

Tiger Paws Gymnastics Wrist Support are quite simply the finest wrist support on the market for preventing athletic injuries.  Originally developed for and loved by elite level gymnasts around the world, Tiger Paws Gymnastics Wrist Support are ideal for CrossFit, Weight Lifting, and any other activity where wrist hyper-extension is common.

What sets Tiger Paws Gymnastics Wrist Supports head and shoulders above all other wrist support on the market is the combination of hand crafted high quality, and fantastic design.  Each pair wraps above and below the wrist and is held in place by a combination of thumb hole and high quality Velcro.  The back of each Tiger Paw contains high density foam and comes with a pair of plastic inserts, to increase the level of support, depending on your intensity of workout.

For functional fitness athletes, Tiger Paws Gymnastics Wrist Support are amazing for ring  and bar work, as well as stabilizing wrists during Kettle-bell workouts and most Olympic lifts.  For general gym use, Tiger Paws are awesome for any lifting, push-ups or handling any kind of gym equipment that torques or hyper extends wrists.  Tiger Paws Gymnastics Wrist Support are not only great for athletic use, but are perfect for typists, musicians, lifting, and any kind of wrist abusing work.

Tiger Paws have been the gymnasts choice for over 15 years, and if you have wrist pain, or want to prevent wrist injury, they are the best product on the market hands down.

Tiger Paws Gymnastics Wrist Supports are proud to be Made in the USA by US Glove!

Note: If you plan to purchase Tiger Paws Gymnastics Wrist Support for a gymnastic competition, purchase the sand color, all other Tiger Paw colors will lead to point deductions.

Jay from American Gymnast talking about Tiger Paw Gymnastics Wrist Support:

Video displaying the awesome features of Tiger Paws:

Check out this awesome letter from a satisfied customer!

Dear Tiger Paw Company,

Tiger Paws have significantly changed my life. No more aching wrists and hyper-extended ligaments. My wrists don’t hurt anymore and my tumbling is as great as ever!! The supple leather that they are made out of is really comfortable and easy to break in. The durability is flawless, the tiger paws are very well made and work amazingly. Many thanks for manufacturing such a wonderful product.

I used to complain about my wrists hurting after every gymnastics practice. They were sore and the ligaments were all stretched out. I finally wend to the doctor because the pain was gradually increasing and it was keeping me from doing certain skills in gymnastics. I found that I had a stress fracture in the growth plate of my right wrist. I was out of my favorite sport, gymnastics for about 3 months. After I was cleared to tumble again, I immediately told my mom that I needed tiger paws to protect my weakened wrists.

My doctors have also recommended wrist protection to prevent future injuries. I couldn’t think of any other company to buy wrists protectors from but you. Tiger Paws not only protect wrists, the prevent injuries, and I found that really interesting and exciting. Protection is one of the amazing thing that tiger paws have done for me.

Most people say that tiger paws are really hard to break in, but surprisingly, when I got them they were very soft and supple. The material was velvety in the middle, making Tiger Paws very comfortable to workout in. I love how they come in different, really fun colors. My personal favorite is the dark blue tiger paws, but all the other colors are really awesome too!

“We use a unique insert system to control the stiffness of the flex of the Paw. This helps in relieving pressure on sensitive nerves, reducing pain from repetitive stress, and over use injuries.” Your product has definitely stuck to these sentences. The tiger paws are well made and do not break under pressure. They are very durable and productive. I definitely think they do their job amazingly well.

Tiger Paws have helped my gymnastics significantly. I no longer have soreness in my wrists or aching muscles in my hands. The material is really easy to break in, and therefore better when your old pair gets a little worn out. All the awesome colors let a person express themselves, and just have a good time with it. The durability of the paw make for great, long lasting wrist supports. Thank you for making these wonderful tiger paws for me and many others.

Margo Gurian


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