TuffWraps Pro Wrist Support



Product Description


  • Ideal support for Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting and CrossFit WODs
  • Super burly slightly elastic proprietary material
  • Ideal for maximum mobility and injury prevention
  • Handy thumb loop for perfect placement and position every workout
  • High performance sweat wicking properties for moisture management
  • Quick on and off, just loop, wrap, and twist
  • Machine or hand washable
  • Sold as a pair (2 per package)

TuffWraps are taking CrossFit Boxes and Olympic Lifting Gyms by storm.  Improving on the style and function of old school lifting wraps, prevent injuries, increase the quality of your lifts, and wick away sweat.

TuffWraps are excellent support for Bench Presses, Clean and Jerks, KettleBell swings, Power Lifting, or any other exercise that puts stress on your wrists.  TuffWraps super light weight streamlined, yet sturdy design means that you aren’t distracted by clunky padded wrist support as you lift.

Every pair of TuffWraps is Made in the USA from the highest quality proprietary blend of cotton, and high performance moisture wicking stabilizing materials.  TuffWraps off a great combination of support and elasticity, ideal for any level of lifter.

Tuff Wraps feature a convenient thumb loop that saves time and ensures perfect placement and no bunching during your workout.  TuffWraps are super simple to put on simply loop your thumb through the thumb loop, wrap the TuffWrap around your wrist and, twist the tail, and you are all set to start lifting.  You can quickly change the amount of support by simply adjusting tail for more or less range of motion, perfect for a WOD when you are jumping from one movement to the next.

TuffWraps come in a several colors and styles to perfectly fit your unique look at the gym.  Every pair comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, if you don’t find they greatly enhance your workouts, send them back for a 100% refund.

Short video shows how to put on a pair of TuffWraps!


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