Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGS) Flex



Product Description


  • Ergonomic Support
  • Perfect for YOGA and Pilates
  • Unique palm cushion supports wrist and eliminated hyperextension
  • Moisture wicking palm insert
  • Great grip on any floor, weight or piece of equipment

Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs) Flex are the lowest profile gloves in the entire WAG’s line of products, perfect for floor work and Pull Ups, when natural contact with a bar is required WAGs Flex is a perfect choice.

Like all WAGs products, WAGs Flex has an ergonomic palm insert, preventing over-extension, supporting carpal bones, and keeping wrists in a safe and sturdy position during floor work, yoga and push ups.  The inserts in WAGs Flex are smaller than other WAGs elevating hands 5-8 degrees.  The unique V-shaped design of the WAGs Flex pad, elevates pressure on the median nerve where it enters the wrist.   The slimmer wedge pad allows for a more natural feel when lifting weights or holding bars.

In addition to the palm insert, each pair of WAGs features an anti-slip layer on palms, providing extra security during any exercise.  WAGs Flex also feature a moisture absorbent palm layer for sweat management during intense workouts.

If you are looking for workout gloves that combine ergonomic wrist support, great grip and a natural feel on any bar,  WAG’s Flex are a perfect choice.

Check out this great video highlighting WAGs used for YOGA:


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