Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGS) Pro



Product Description

Wrist Assured Gloves – WAGs Pro provide all the great benefits of WAGs Ultra, but with out the extra stabilizing wrist support.  If you are an athlete that loves the ergonomic palm design of WAGs, and doesn’t need extra wrist support, then WAGs Pro are perfect for you.  Like every pair of WAGs, WAGs Pro contains a high impact ergo foam inserted in the palm.  This foam prevents wrists injury due to hyper extensions common during lifting, floor exercises, CrossFit, Yoga and Pilates.

WAGs Pro provides athletes with high quality long lasting Lycra palms and backing, featuring grip enhancing nubs on the palm.  You’ll do more effective exercises with an improved grip on any weight, or surface.  WAGs Pro also features a terry cloth thumb to wipe sweat and an extra absorbent interior palm liner.  WAGs Pro are perfect for any kind level of workout and a necessity for athletes with chronic wrist issues.

Features of WAGs Pro:

  • Ergo foam palm insert, preventing wrist over extension
  • Extra absorbent palm liner for sweat managment
  • Enhanced palm grip
  • Machine Washable
  • Terry cloth thumb to wipe brow
  • 100% vegan

WAGs Ultra ideal for:

  • Sore Wrist Joints
  • General Tendonitis
  • Thumb Pain
  • Ligament and Tendon Injury Protection
  • Hyper extension of wrists
  • Beginning/mild stages of carpal tunnel syndrom

The video below highlights the advantages of training with WAGs Pro:


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