WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope
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WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope


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Product Description

A high quality speed Jump Rope is an incredibly effective tool for enhancing your workout!!  Working out with a high speed jump rope burns twice as many calories as jogging.

A WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is perfect for WODs, Boxers, MMA training and athletes of any kind looking for an awesome and fun cardio workout.

A WOD Nation Jump Rope is built with athletes in mind, featuring high impact ballistic plastic, and speed metal bearings for the most controlled and lightening fast spin of any speed rope on the market.  WOD Nation Jump Ropes are perfect for double unders, and any other kind of variation to keep your workout fun and high impact.

WOD Nation Jump ropes are compact and perfect for travel.  You can workout on any surface, concrete, or wood!  WOD Nation Ropes can cut seconds, even minutes off your WOD.

More features of WOD Nation Jump Ropes:

  • Stable high impact plastic for more accurate swings
  • Customizable length, perfect for athletes of any height
  • Life time guarantee, if it breaks or wears down, we offer full replacements
  • A free carrying bag with every order
  • Each WOD Nation Jump Rope comes with 2 cables which you can custom size for different users


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