Yoga Paws



Product Description

  •  Perfect grip and support on any floor surface, weight or piece of gym equipment
  • Ergonomically curved to increase comfort during yoga, Pilates, or weight lifting
  • Prevents blistered, ripped and callused hands through intense workouts
  • High performance moisture wicking, increasing grip the more you sweat
  • Made from 100% TPE recycled rubber

When you use Yoga Paws your hands and feet are instantly transformed into a yoga mat.  Yoga Paws provide amazing protection against and surface and grip to hold and pose, you’ll be able to hold poses longer, and stronger without worrying about slippage.

With Yoga Paws, the bottom of soles and palms are protected with 6mm thick recycled rubber, giving just enough cushion, without sacrificing a natural feel.  The mesh backing and ultra absorbing terry lining soak up sweat and provide even more grip the sweatier they get.  Perfect for hot yoga, and intense Pilates sessions.

Yoga Paws are light, small and compact, perfect for traveling.  You can do Yoga or floor work anywhere and not sacrifice a workout day by being on the go.  Ideal for yoga in hotel rooms or outdoors, and eliminates the inconvenience of toting a bulky yoga mat.

Mom and daughter team Gail and Jamie Getzwiller are avid travelers who wanted to do yoga away from home without hauling around a mat. They invented this ingenious way to practice in a hotel room, at the office, or even outside.

Washing Yoga Paws:

  • Flip inside out and wash with a gentle soap, like Dr Bronners
  • Machine wash only occasionally on delicate with cold water in a garment bag
  • Wash by hand after every use
  • Hang to dry

Sizing Best Practices/Tips:

  • Measure hands and or feet using the sizing chart for best results
  • Yoga Paws will fit snug at first and stretch to a perfect fit with in 1-3 workouts
  • Practice Yoga right away to break in Yoga Paws and make sure your sizing is correct
  • Exchanges are easy just return your Yoga Paws and let us know if they are too small or too large

Yoga Paws Sizing Guide:

  • Size #1 For Extra Petite Women
  • Size #2 Women’s Small, a perfect fit for most women.
  • Size #3 Women’s Large for women with larger hands and feet, consider large if you wear size large gloves, or for men who have narrow feet, or wear small gloves
  • Size #4  Men’s Large, fits the vast majority of our male customers.



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