Pull-Up Gloves

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Pull-Ups are one of the best overall exercises for building upper body, arm and back strength.  The only downside to doing lots of Pull-Ups is the total trashing your hands can take. Blisters and tears from Pull-Ups usually happen on the bottom of the fingers (proximal flanges) or the padding of the palm (metacarpals) just below the fingers, hard core athletes advocate for building calluses over time, which does happen, but the process is painful, and many people don’t want hands that are bumpy and rough.  Also calluses over time can tear and crack from over-use.

The Need for Pull-Up Gloves

typical blistering areas from pull-ups

At WeightLiftingGloves.com we feature an awesome selection of Pull-Up Gloves to choose from these all eliminate blisters and protect your hands to varying degrees.

A product that we highly endorse is NewGrip Pull-Up Gloves, these are available with wrist support, or without.  Firstly, 3 out of the last 5 successful world record attempts for most Pull-Ups in 24 hours were accomplished using NewGrip Pull Up Gloves, the last being broken by Kyle Gurkovich this past November.  Kyle finished his record, completing 4234 Pull-Ups without a single blister, using NewGrip Pull-Up Gloves.

Kyle Gurkovich Using NewGrip Pull Up Gloves

pull-up world record holder Kyle Gurkovich

What makes NewGrip Pull-Up Gloves so great is their simplicity.  NewGrip Pull-Up Gloves cover the entire palm of the hand, with a 1/8″ thick layer of tough neoprene, which cushions hands on any Pull Up bar, and enhances grip.  The totally open backed design allows hands to breath through the most intense Pull-Up workouts, so your hands become less sweaty and slippery.

Unlike traditional Pull-Up Gloves, NewGrip Pull-Up Gloves can quickly be removed between sets, or during a WOD, when some exercises don’t require gloves.  NewGrip Pull-Up Gloves are great all purpose gym gloves ideal for many other exercises such as Weight Lifting, Kettlebells, and Rowing.

NewGrip Power Pads, Pull-Up Gloves

NewGrip pull-up gloves without wrist support


NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves Doing Pull Ups Front and Back

NewGrip pull-up gloves with wrist support


Features of NewGrip Pull-Up Gloves:

  • Less hand soreness, better grip. You’ll do more pull-ups!
  • No more blisters and hand rips from pull-ups
  • Better padding and cushion than most traditional pull-up gloves
  • Available with and without wrist support
  • Open backed pull-up gloves, eliminates slippery hand sweat
  • A custom adjustable fit, ideal for all kinds of pull-ups and chin-ups
  • Costs a fraction of leather gloves and lasts up to 3 times longer


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