Taping hands for CrossFit Workouts

Taping Hands for CrossFit workouts

Your hand health is our #1 priority at WeightLiftingGloves.com, that’s why we are dedicated to offering athletes dozens of different products for preserving their hands and getting pain free, efficient workouts.

Aside from weight lifting gloves, a hugely beneficial and popular way to protect hands while not sacrificing feel, or grip, is taping.  High Quality athletic tape provides a protective smooth layer of material between your hands and a bar.  There are a ton of different ways to go about taping your hands, we wanted to highlight a few to give newer athletes some pointers.

Here is a step by step process with a summary video showing each of these.  This method only takes a few minutes, but can be highly effective in saving your hands from damaging WOD’s and CrossFit workouts.

1)Buy several rolls of your favorite high quality athletic tape, we would recommend RockTape.

RockTape Black

2)Cut a piece of athletic tape 14-16″.

3)Fold tape in half long ways down the middle, folding both adhesive sides together.

4)Fold tape over middle finger creating a loop at the top.

5)Repeat steps 2-4 again for ring finger.

6)Gather strips together and bending your hand back, tape around the wrist attaching both strips to the wrist.


Taping Hands For CrossFit and Weight Lifting

Visual Diagram of the CrossFit taping process

This taping process can be done yourself, but is easier with a friend helping out.

To simplify this process and make your hand protection last longer, consider purchasing The Natural Grip, which is higher quality and longer lasting than a roll of athletic tape.

The Natural Grip Open Handed

The Natural Grip, a great alternative to taping

The CrossFit taping steps we highlighted are demonstrated in this video