WOD Gloves

Here are a few WOD Gloves we’d highly recommend for functional fitness athletes:
Stronger RX 3.0 Gloves


Stronger RX is an industry leader in WOD Gloves technology and the newly released 3.0 is no exception!  The 3.0 provides a perfect combination of protection and natural feel so your grip is great on any Pull Up bar or kettle bell.  The one of a kind Perma X palm and wrist molds to the hand over time and Anti-Vibration polymers absorb any kind of impact on your hands through any kind of WOD.  Stronger RX 3.0 WOD Gloves are some of the only WOD Gloves on the market that allow you to use a touch screen while wearing them, so you won’t have to take them off to text at the gym.  When shopping for a great all around WOD Glove, the Stronger RX 3.o is an excellent place to start, enhance your grip and protect your hands today, with Stronger RX!

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Wodies CrossFit Gloves

With the necessity of functional fitness care, WODies are taking gym and boxes by storm.  WODies are essentially 2 great products in 1, a sturdy wrist support and a high quality gymnastics grip.  WODies Gloves provide hands with an awesome layer of protection, and can be used with chalk to enhance grip.  What we love about WODies is that they are fully customizable, and come with uncut finger holes, by cutting them to fit your specific finger size, your are sure to get a perfect more comfortable fit than traditional fitness Gloves.

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NewGrip Power Pads

Power Pads CrossFit Gloves

The best things in life are simple and we are really impressed by the simple sturdy construction of NewGrip Power Pads.  They are some of the best all around “WOD Gloves” for blister protection that we have ever seen.  NewGrip Power Pads are simply neoprene hand pads that grip bars and weights, while protecting hands from the typical hand chaffing and blisters that occur during intense WODs.  NewGrip Power Pads are also full breathable and go on and off in a flash, ideal gloves for a WOD where you want to take gloves on and off between sets and for certain movements.

Super athlete  Kyle Gurkovich used NewGrip Power Pads when he broke the world record for most Pull Ups in 24hrs, completing 4,234 without a single blister (donate to Kyle’s charity work here!)  Power Pads are made of neoprene that cushions hands during intense Pull Up sets and WOD’s.   NewGrip Power Pads are also great for weight lifting, rowing and KettleBells, they work for any hand trashing activity where your hands need an extra layer of protection.  The open backed design allows hands to breathe, keeping your hands sweat free through the toughest workout.  When you’re looking for hand protection, but don’t want CrossFit Gloves, NewGrip Power Pads are a great alternative, and at $14.99 are a steal.  NewGrip also features a product that provides the great protection of Power Pads that also has wrist support, check it out here.

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 Kyle using NewGrips to break a world record

The Natural Grip

The Natural Grip Open Handed

The Natural Grip has gained a huge amount of notoriety since being featured on ABC’s Shark Tank last year.  Since getting a shark tank investment and endorsement, thousands of functional fitness athletes have discovered the awesome advantages of WODing with The Natural Grip.

Why do athletes love The Natural Grip?  There isn’t a product in the functional fitness world that minimizes bulk and maximizes protection like the natural grip.  Owner Ashley Drake saw the need in the functional fitness community to develop simple hand protection, that felt totally natural on the bar.   The main advantage of a natural feel is your mind/body connection to the bar.  Having a secure natural feeling grip allows you to concentrate on your workout alone, and not concern yourself with your hands or anything effecting your grip.



These are just a few of the WOD Gloves that we feature on WeightLiftingGloves.com, to check out our entire selection of WOD Gloves and amazing hand protection accessories, click here, and always remember the key to effective intense workouts are healthy hands!

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